Site Hosting

Many of the possible domains available can vary in cost, so as not to mislead customers we do not include hosting costs in the price of your website. Please discuss your needs with us to determine the right hosting package and domain.

All Domains have varying charges depending on availability and type (e.g., .com, etc...) Below is an example of domain names and the typical cost for them. Please note some will be more expensive than others, please contact us for more information on specific addresses. You can check available names by clicking here and typing in your prefered name, for example: '' and press the button.

We will register your Domain with a reputable commercial web host. Listed below are the typical costs.. Names are not bought, they are leased one year at a time and will need to be renewed each year.

Domain Name Email Addresses Domain Name Registering

Annual Server Costs 100 £5 £65 100 £5 £65 100 £5 £65
.com 100 £10 £65
.net 100 £10 £65
.org 100 £10 £65
.eu 100 £10 £65
.biz 100 £10 £65
.info 100 £10 £65

For example if you wanted a single page website for £100 and a domain name at £5 with the annual server cost running at £65 you would pay in total £170 All inclusive. The Server costs displayed here are for High Bandwidth servers with large webspace, ideal for medium businesses. Cheaper web hosting is available for basic 'low bandwidth' sites. Contact us to discuss your needs.